Any Programmers/Developers?

I wanted to get this category started, so I’m starting with something that helped create this forum, development.

Back in 2002, I was still just a kid having fun on the internet. Remember AOL? Loved it. Then a found a short story website in need of an editor for user contributed content and signed up for the job. I started discussing things with the site owner and another editor, and we eventually launched a small web host. A year later, me and that other editor were doing websites for ourselves and others, including a database for small Tex town’s police department. Over the years, that editor and I grew to be like brothers (we live in the same town now, only 1 hr away then), but he’s gone more the way of graphic design (and some badass Star Trek, Star Wars, Matrix, and Ghostbusters props), and I went more the way of programming.

That ultimately led to opening Inside The Star back in 2009 after a few other sites and forums that came and went, which leads to this forum. This forum, though, is built on Ruby on Rails. Definitely a new language for me, though I’ve been wanting to try it out. Took several hours to get this up and running, plus another few dealing with a shoddy send mail provider.

My favorite language is and has always been PHP. I’ve dabbled a bit in JavaScript, Java, Python, and a few others to varying degrees, but PHP is what I always come back to. It’s just a great server-side language. I also work with MySQL databases (MariaDB, specifically), as well a lot of HTML5/CSS3 work.

Curious if we have or will soon have any members into the same stuff.