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A couple very helpful links for those looking at draft prospects

from https://twitter.com/CalhounLambeau, a database with all the prospects, their measurements, and links to their tapes (hover/click on the word TAPE for a link to them).

and then a tool that can be used, but takes a little more thought to decide what it means to you, https://twitter.com/MathBomb developed what he calls the Relative Athletic Score. He basically grades players (draft prospects, current, and former players, so nice for comparisons) drill and physical measurements against the rest of the players of that position.

Monday morning Draft Room.

Make your 2018 draft move at 19.

I’ll go, trade back to acquire picks and then use extra to move up (even if only 6 spots at most from original 19) to get a steal.
The plane, the plane. Just call me fantasy fan!


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