2018 Training Camp Notes

I am planning to take vacation to training camp and just had some questions. Has anyone on here ever been? Whats it like? Is it easy to get autographs? I saw that if you sign up for the DCUnited that you get in early, is it worth it?

Wish I knew, never been. Only see it on TV.

I’ve been many times to Oxnard. If that’s where you are planning to go (I think it is a split camp w/The Star). If you get there early and get prime “fence” area then you should be able to get plenty of autographs, just be prepared to stand for a long time as they don’t sign til after practice. Definitely get the United membership. Also go during the week as there are way less people. If you have other questions I’d be glad to answer. I’ll be the 7/30-8/4.


Thank you for the information. Im visiting a friend in LA that same week and my wife and I are planning at least making a day trip or two to Oxnard.

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Great, hope Brandon and YumaCactus use the phone app so we can share their views of what they are seeing at TC.


I’m all over Twitter/Periscope (@YumaCactus) and have a youtube channel I post lots of videos on. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtKIR-wh-AXzZ6GrFVd8M_w

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Who is Mekale McKay? Never heard of him until today. BUT. this is a damn nice catch.

I putting a lot of faith in our new WR’s. So I’m going with diamond.

I’ve been impressed with some of the plays I’ve seen from Tavon so far, looking like he can be a decent weapon.

This is the time of year that we sit here and worry/argue about whether one group is really looking good, or the other group is really looking bad…luckily we at least get to see some of these guys on the field soon against others. Football season is here, so excited.

I am getting worried about Bailey though…

I don’t want to jinx him but I’m having some concerns with Bailey also.

I am extremely concerned about Bailey. When kickers lose it, they lose it in a hurry and normally completely.

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i.e. nick folk

must have missed this hire…other than his long snaps and reluctance to snap when a DL was offsides, he was pretty solid

Another assistant coach, Andre Gurode, shook the hand of a side judge to smooth things over.



Training Camp ramps up.

DLaw came in with a haymaker to the facemask of Edwards…hopefully someone explains to him why that’s a very poor career decision…