Witten to retire

He is joining the MNF crew. Really crappy timing on this.

wow…really poor timing

could have done that prior to restructuring the contract…

Or at the very beginning of FA when there were TE prospects still available.

so, Swaim, Gathers, and Jarwin on the roster?

at least we’ve got a plethora of picks to add another talent

Either give me Goedert or Gesicki in the 2nd or one of Ian Thomas, Jordan Aikens, or Mark Andrews in the 4-5 range.

I think we were going to draft one anyway. Maybe this forces the OC to desing an offense to get guys open instead of clearing out for JW at 7 yards.


This doesn’t really impact my wants for today’s picks…still hoping for S/WR/OL

I’m fine waiting until the 4th to get a TE

TEs are nice pieces to have, but I’m not big on spending upper end draft capital on them

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That’s a really good point. There has been talk of the offense going more spread this year with shorter and more precise routes, and Witten would have been the fly in that ointment. Witten has a 1.6 YAC this year. Worst among TEs in the league. That’s why you saw so many catches by him that resulted in 4th and short. It was time.

Now we see if teams can stay with Beasley and Switzer at the same time. I predict that will be very difficult.


Get me Christian Kirk in the second and this WR corps will be solid. Kirk with his lightning fast speed stretching the field, Hurns and Twill able to go over the middle, and Switzer/Beasley mixing it up from the slot. Ohmuhgoodness.

I’d prefer Washington

I think Kirk is more limited to being a slot guy, having shorter arms, and as you said, we already have 2

I don’t want Washington until the 3rd. You can still use Kirk in the slot and have him stretch a defense. Or you can set that bad boy in motion to do so.

I am ok with this, draft a TE and Interior OL and a WR then sign Eric Reid or Vaccaro.

Whitten, great guy was probably done in 2016. Shouldn’t have restructured his contract though.

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Crazy to think that In just 2 short years we lost Romo, Dez, and Witten. Lee will be out in another year or two also. It’s a changing of the guard in Dallas. I think the transition is going pretty well so far.

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That was what I said when they released Dez. It seems like they are trying to cut all ties with the Romo era … I guess they don’t want people to be reminded of when we had a TOP QB …

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Could have been a LOT worse. We weren’t taking a TE in round 1 anyway. We can still trawl the draft for a TE. Not nearly as bad an issue as when Free decided to retire AFTER the draft…

Romo era? I want to call it the Witten Era! He is the one that will be a hall of famer after all. lol

momma witten and young wittens will now have more time to spend with daddy witten. all’s well. the old window is now officially closed. time for a breath of fresh air.

hello. let’s not forget the legend, rico.

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CERN! Good to see you.

If he doesn’t get snaps this year, it’s time to move on. Really hoping he does though, that’s a big end with some natural talent