Who is Next to Be Released

If the Cowboys didn’t owe him so much money I would start a petition to release Crawford. There is something here I’m not seeing and understanding.

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Bailey, Beasley, Williams and Witten will not be with the Dallas Cowboys in 2019 as players. Witten will retire or be cut, he will retire. Beasley will be released, Bailey and Williams all depend on 2018 season but even after bouncing back both will go due to the cap. It will be best for the team. Sorry to say Winstar, Crawford will be back in 2019.

This is just me taking a wild guess. I have no clue.

Not unless the hit man I hire misses.

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Beasley won’t be released, but he won’t be resigned either. I’d probably put my money on Crawford being the next to be released.

Terrance still has money going toward the 2019 and 2020 caps.

Dallas could save 8 mil this year if they release him with a post june 1st designation. Same with next year. The team probably hopes gregroy, Taco, and Tapper can take Crawford’s snaps and they can save some money.

Witten will be here until Witten no longer wants to be here.

Bailey is still young and can rebound.

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Like I said I don’t know crap but the one I will disagree with and it’s the BIGGEST one is Witten. I say he will be gone but I agree with your reason. I think he will see the writing on the wall and the toll on his body and call it quits.
Maybe he stays as TE coach?
Not sure how long he would have to play to be all time leading receiving TE but because Boys were always more running team that hurt him.
Has to be 1st time 100% HOF!

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When Witten goes, it will be because he decides to retire as opposed to the team releasing him like they did Dez.

They see his contributions as a leader and still player as equitable to his salary. I’d like to see them scale back his role a bit. Go with more 10 personnel using 4 wide receivers as opposed to how often they go with 11. Witten can still help you, but he’s not getting as open as he used to. Would love to see them incorporate Ryan Switzer into the offense more this season, with Cole Beasley on the field. Run some short to intermediate combo routes with those two and Hurns in a nice bunch trips formation and create all kinds of chaos for the opposing defense.

When Witten decides to quit playing will be the time that he’s no longer on the team.

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