Players To Watch

For picking up some speed, here’s a list of sub-4.4 40 times (some unofficial)

Per sources some teams have medically flunked Boise State LB Leighton Vander Esch and have removed him from their draft board.

Fountain better not let me down no matter where he plays. My reputation may depend on it. He is my number one pet cat this year but I got others that I doubt get drafted like: Steven Dunbar, Aaron Stinnie, and Austin Kuhnert.

ooofta…I guess that’s a good way to get FA prices to go up

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And soft tissue injuries have multiplied tremendously too.

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I’ve seen a lot of love for Gallup…would be an awesome snag in likely the 2nd round…even better in the 3rd (with maybe a trade up to accomplish that)

Another one of my sleepers…

I think this guy might be a player. We will see. To hell whether he is drafted or not. Many a undrafted players have made the jump.

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I am looking forward to having LB’s # 50, 54 & 55 back on the field at the same time. Toss in # 52 and bring on any O and we will DOOMS DAY them again.

D.D., Howley, Jordan & Edwards, GO COWBOYS!

Interesting that LVE took the number 55 given LV in Roman numerals is 55.