Looking at LB depth

Good article Brian. I am wondering if being a former Marinelli player will have much weight this season as I expect this to be his last year with Richard taking over in 2019.

I think the official narrative they’ve laid out is that Marinelli will retire after the 2018 season (was a consideration for him after 2017), but yes. I’ve heard good things about Richard (pronounced Ri-shard, FWIW) and look forward to seeing what he can do with his guys this year. Time will tell if he’s a competent replacement for Marinelli (not that I feel Rod has been entirely competent as DC).

I wish I knew all the skinny that goes on behind the scene. I wonder if Marinelli was given the players he wanted on D. Seems like Jerral’s red headed step son always brought in O first and Rod had to settle.

A little, but you have to remember Rod’s biggest trait as a coach is depth and rotation. That approach limits the amount of top-tier talent you can have with a salary cap.

Yeah and you can’t imagine how much I hate the Tampa II. I realize he has made adjustments but still. Like you or somebody said, can’t wait to see what Richard brings as DC.

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