How do you feel about the Tyrann Mathieu situation?

Man, I think this is the one thing that got me upset. I would’ve done a $7M one-year deal if I were the Cowboys. Wasn’t expensive at all for the Texans.

Mo, I get so tired of complaining about my favorite team. Even with being old, grumpy and senile I’m way past ready for some happy times. Oh well, your question, I think Mathieu would have helped and his price tag was not outta bounds as it relates to a NFL player with his skills. We need McClay as the GM with the authority of a GM.

He isn’t the 2015 player. The Cards beats I follow all stated he was good not great in '17. He can’t play FS or SS, he is a slot player and DAL has some good slot play w/27 and 25.

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I agree, @YumaCactus. His skills aren’t the ones we need on this defense right now. He’s just a familiar player with some proven record. Feels like “name” interest more than anything. Glad HOU snagged him. Welcome, BTW

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