Dallas Cowboys: Predicting every single game outcome of 2018

OK here we go!

I think this is funny considering the NFL network is back on the “Cowboys won’t make the playoffs” bandwagon. What’s funny is listening to the different people explain why they won’t.

They’ll miss Dez and Witten (like they have rings)
The defense is bad (their fallback)
Oh yeah and my favorite, The Eagles

I’m starting to hate the NFL network

If we finish 12-4 I will do backflips. I just don’t see it happening. I’m thinking closer to 10-6 at best.

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Get the Cramer ointment ready! LOL

I hope you’re right. I’ll take spending a week in bed with a thrown back if we can make it to 12-4.

We’d both be some hurting mofo’s!!

I think they have enough talent to go 12 and 4. One thing they have on their side is the same thing they had a couple of years ago…nobody knows what they’re planning to do. Now, the COACHES have to take the lead and keep the offense unpredictable. We’ll see how that turns out.

As has always been the case, the only thing that could hold this team back are the coaches. We will see if the players can win in spite of Garrett and Co.

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I think 10-6 is pretty close to where we’ll end up

9-7 is my low end prediction, 12-4 would be my high

I don’t see us having a losing season, but don’t see us beating up on the league either. We’ve put together a solid team that could do well, but still think we’re missing some difference makers.

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I expect scheme changes on defense as Kris Richard prepares to become the new dc. Bodes well for cowboys. Also expect scheme changes to offense as Linehan and Lal will have increased automat over offense as mandated by Stephen. Also bodes well for cowboys. Injuries will always be a problem.

Something between 9-7 and 12-4, depending on the air attack improvement, meaning better designed plays blended with understanding between Dak and all the new faces at WR. Thanks to the running game and the Defense, expectations will keep close games. For obvious reasons I would like 2 Ws against the Eagles, but splitting victories with them won’t be bad neither. Falcons, Jags and Saints games gonna be so fun to watch!!


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